ASA GJ216 Appraisal Class

ASA (AMERICAN SOCIETY OF APPRAISERS): American Association of Appraisers. The American Appraisers Association is an international, independent asset valuation industry organization that is not for profit. It is the earliest national professional assessment society established in the United States. Its main job is to train, assess and award relevant professional qualifications. The association was formally established in 1952 with the main purpose of establishing an efficient community of all assessment professions to work together to improve the standard of work in the assessment industry. The Association currently has 6,500 members and is managed by 88 clubs and branches throughout the United States and many other countries around the world.

Course content
1. Covers the basic assessment methods and will explain in detail the development of the assessment system and how to write an assessment report;
2. Introduce internationally accepted evaluation criteria;
3. Understand the jewellery of each period, as well as the professional description of various types of jewelry;
4. Teaching three effective ways to analyze the sales price of jewelry and help students to make a strong value assessment report;

5. The most knowledge and confidence will be provided to students in order to complete the jewellery assessment report in accordance with USPAP and IVS standards.