AGL Ruby and Sapphire Identification and Grading

Training object
Jewelry store sales
Gem buyer
Gem lovers/collectors

Course content
1. Basic knowledge of ruby and sapphire
a. definition of corundum family and ruby and sapphire
b. True and false identification: similar products and identification of ruby and sapphire
c. "Cloning" identification: synthesis and identification of ruby and sapphire

2. Manual treatment and identification of rubies and sapphires
a. Heat treatment method and identification
b. Other treatment methods of corundum gemstone (surface diffusion, irradiation, etc.) and identification
c. Application of large instruments

3. Production of rubies and sapphire
a. The world famous ruby and sapphire origin and introduction
b., the production area of ruby and sapphire

4. Ruby and sapphire grading methods and principles
a. Factors affecting the appearance of gemstones
b. Rating introduction
c. Ruby and sapphire price case analysis
d. Interpretation of laboratory report certificate
5. Ruby and sapphire assessment and trade
a. Ruby and sapphire price trends
b. Ruby and sapphire trade knowledge


Pass the course exam,participants can be awarded the Belgian “AGL Ruby and Sapphire Identifier and Grader “