AGL Emerald Identification and Grading

Training object
Jewelry store sales
Gem buyer
Gem lovers/collectors

Course content
1. emerald background knowledge, history
a.the definition of beryl family and emerald
b. emerald tradition and emerging origin
c. emerald ore
d. special varieties

2. Optimization of emerald processing and judgment of origin
a. emerald optimization treatment
b. Definition of clarity optimization
c. Routine identification of optimized processing
d. common sense of large instruments

3. Evaluation of emeralds
a. emerald color grading
b. cut, clarity and fire
c. the oil drop effect of the top emerald
d. evaluation method and practice of emerald evaluation case analysis

4. emerald market introduction
a.emerald price trend and price assessment analysis
b. previous auction records
c. emerald assessment practice

Pass the course exam,participants can be awarded the Belgian “AGL Emerald Identifier and Grader  “